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Analyze Semrush Exports with Google Spreadhsheet

This spreadsheet let you analyze SEMrush exports faster and in a more flexible manner


How Does it work ?

Step 1 : Make a copy of the Spreadsheet

Click on the button above or here to make a copy of your own.


Step 2 : Get your Semrush export

Try to limit your export size by excluding low volume keywords or really badly ranked ones.


Step 3 : Copy Paste the Semrush export in the dedicated tab

Delete the existing content before pasting your raw export in the “PASTE SEMRUSH EXPORT HERE” tab.


Step 4 : Analyze your results by using filters

You can include or exclude keywords and URL patterns. It works with REGEX so you can use a pipe | to filter several patterns.

You can also filter on a position range (e.g: keywords between pos. 1 to 5) as well as a minimul volume.

All the KPIs (Total Volume, Number of keywords and Average Position) update according to your filters.